Community - Knowing your squad and support team Our final word on starting 2017 and how to achieve more so you can #lovelife is to look at the people around you. Don’t underestimate the importance of a friendly smile, a word of encouragement, or simply being interested in what you are doing. Who is in your support crew? We mentioned before that most people in health and fitness seem to have a genuine interest in helping people do better at life. And if  they don’t, why they would be in this industry is beyond me. Seek out those people that are genuinely interested in what you are doing, what it is you are trying to achieve and what it is that makes you happy. In practice, it can be hard work, to know who your squad is and whether they support you in your journey. We all want to be faster, to do better, to achieve more which often creates competition, but having a support network doesn’t mean you are up against that person. Aim to surround yourself with friends and family who understand where you are coming from, who will encourage you when you aren’t sure of the road ahead and provide words of encouragement and push in the right direction when you are struggling to stick to your goals – these are the people that can make all the difference. (more…)
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Mindset. So how do we make good behaviours habit? We first started talking about expectations of ourselves, goals, ambitions and hurdles to overcome to pave the way for success. Above all, having the right mindset and attitude to make change is fundamentally important. Mental perseverance and resilience in all that you do will help you to push towards your goals. How do we get started though in setting up good habits? It’s much the same as what we’re thinking about already – start small, think big. Start with a goal – something SMART. Specific, Measurable, achievable, Realistic and Timely. Yes, the acronyms are rife in the last few posts but it is true. To stick to something, a training plan for example, it needs to be SMART so you are accountable, and we need to be persistent so whatever you’re doing becomes habit. Say for example your SMART goal (settle, I’ll cut the acronyms soon) is to achieve a 5km run in 35 minutes before the end of January. To do this, you plan on small achievable steps (pun intended) along the way, such as setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier to go for a run. When you find something that motivates you, it becomes easier to do it more often. Find what you enjoy, make it a part of your day and allow yourself to feel good by turning positive behaviours into long term habits. When you achieve your goal, you feel a sense of accomplishment and you repeat the actions which lead to the reward. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen someone training say for a 1 RM or max effort back squat and then one day it just happens so they keep going adding 10 kilograms to their PB. You may only see the PB but you don’t see the small manageable steps put in pace to achieve their goal. This sort of achievement becomes a reward and we want to feel that same reward again. Come up with a goal, stick to it, acknowledge small achievements and keep pushing forward to future success. (more…)
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Nutrition and creating healthy dietary habits We’ve now had Christmas, New Year’s celebrations, summer parties and hopefully the good old Aussie BBQ – it’s never an easy time of year for healthy eating. That’s fine. You should be able to enjoy your social time, but now time to consider the basics of nutrition and its importance for getting you more out life. Nutrition is a broader term that describes the nutrients required for the body to function and sustain life, which involves consideration of what food is and its affect on the body. Diet simply refers to all nutrients consumed, individual food habits and choices. Yes, choices. What we eat, our diet, is varied given different environments and cultural influences but nutrition is somewhat constant. From now on, and if you aren’t already doing so, I’d encourage you to consider food from the perspective of what the body needs. (more…)
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Fitness should be fun!  Let's hope you made Day 1 of 2017 a success. Did you make sure to do something to keep yourself and those around you happy and spend time with the people who matter? Today, remember your goals, life goals!  Sounds odd, sure but why not think of them that way. Just quickly mine are to put relationships first and make more time for friends, family and home, to encourage, motivate and try help others to feel good, be kind to people without reason and look out for one another and for myself to have some fun every day. OK, OK, I'm hearing you, enough planning and more doing! Exactly what are we going to do to kick butt tomorrow and the next day and then the day after that. Still an introduction to some themes but first up – feel phenomenal. (more…)
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Looking for more in 2017? Start small, think big making positive behaviours habit

It's here 2017! Happy New Year. Now let's get to it.

The holidays – they come and go ever so quickly. We spend weeks and months purchasing, packaging and partying and rightly so. I had been starting to ponder over Christmas festivities, holiday bulking and how to go about nutrition around this time of year, but then it dawned on me: even thinking about what foods to pick and choose at Christmas dinner isn’t something we want to create guilt over. It’s not limited timeframes and short sighted goals that we should concern ourselves with and these are times to enjoy; rather let’s focus on the bigger picture and I don’t just mean only looking at the year ahead. If we are to pursue real health, then the realms of exercise, good nutrition, a strong mind and supportive social network are intertwined, and on the occasion that one area is lacking, another comes into stronger focus to pick up the slack.


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