Leah’s Bio

In the early 2000s, at the ripe age of 20 something, Leah began participating in all types of sport and fitness and it wasn’t before long that she decided to trade in corporate attire to instead pursue a future in health and fitness. Leah’s corporate role involved organising high profile business and industry events in the areas of health, education and legal affairs; but the excitement, passion and focus that came from pursuing health and well-being was paramount to none.

Leah having begun her own fitness journey in 2007, has over 10 years experience working with physically fit and active populations through exercise training programs. Also a keen participant in all sports and fitness Leah’s interests are adventure races, obstacle races, trail running, strength and conditioning, powerlifting and very much anything that presents a challenge.

In 2018, Leah was a contestant on Channel 7’s Australian Spartan and a member of the all-female team, The Viking Sisters, who together take on the Spartan Race inspired obstacle course. A highlight of her own participation in sport was being selected to be the female star of ESPN’s hit TV show Search4Hurt which aired throughout 2013-2014 with popular episodes The North Face 100km and True Grit 24 Hour Obstacle Enduro. With an aspiration and desire to explore and seek new adventures,  Leah has also competed in the North Face 100km (2013, 2012), various triathlons having been selected for Age Group World Championship (2013), the Spartan Race World Championships (2014, 2013), multi-day long adventure races (2014, 2013) as well as powerlifting competitions (2012) and CrossFit regionals team (2012, 2011).

Currently completing a Master of Physiotherapy (2018-19), Leah is also gaining experience through a casual position as a Physiotherapist Aide, working alongside allied health professionals to improve patient mobility through physical therapy. Leah has completed a Bachelor Medical Science (2017) in Human Anatomy/Histology and Cell Pathology and holds various certificates in health and fitness including a Diploma of Workplace Health and Safety and Certificate IV in Fitness. She also holds a double Bachelor of Commerce/Arts (2007) in Marketing, Sociology and Japanese; Advanced Diploma of Project Management and Certificate III in Financial Services.

Leah’s other fitness qualifications include Spartan SGX Coach (2016),  Certificate of Optimal Sports Nutrition (2015), Triathlon Australia Level 1 Coach (2013), Bootcamp and Outdoor Fitness Coach (2013), CrossFit Level One (2017, 2012) and CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor/Trainer (2012), Australian Kettlebell Instructor: Level 1 and 2 (2009), Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level One Coach (2009), Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer (2008) and Certificate III in Fitness – Group Exercise Instructor/ Aqua Instructor.

Leah is keen to share experiences like Australian Spartan and Search4Hurt and create opportunities using BodiFit as the driving force to inspire, educate and empower people from all walks of life to get involved in fitness to make a positive difference in their lives. Ultimately, Leah’s goal is to combine an interest in medical and health science (www.leahdansie.com) with a passion for fitness (www.bodifit.com).

With an ambition to motivate others to fulfil their potential – whatever the goal might be, Leah’s aim is to lead by example: to inspire, educate and empower. This is demonstrated through depth of experience, education, collaboration and the realisation that every day is an opportunity. Globe trotter to USA, Central and South America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Asia-Pacific Regions.

Feel free to get in touch via @Leahdansie facebookinstagram or twitter. Any detailed queries, interests, messages or if you just want help and need to chat shoot off an email to Contact Me on the homepage.

Sporting Results


F45 Play-Offs, National F45 Studio Championships, March 2018, 1st place team

Australian Spartan Season 1, Channel 7, 2018. Team: The Viking Sisters.


F45 NSW Play-Offs, March 2017, 2nd place female team


Bright Spartan Trifecta competition, 1st women’s elite

Bright Spartan Beast Australia, Nov 2016, 1st women’s elite

Bright Spartan Super Australia, Nov 2016, 2nd women’s elite


Melbourne Spartan Super, March 2015, 1st women’s elite


Spartan Australia team representative (Spartan Race sponsored), Vermont Spartan Beast – World Championship, Sept 2014

Brisbane Beast & Ultra Beast Australia, Sept 2014, 1st women’s elite

True Grit 24 hour Obstacle Enduro, August 2014, 1st female solo elite

Search4Hurt Series 2, ESPN, 2013 – 2014Female winner of the 24 hour HurtCamp and co-star appearing at Bridge2Beach, The Mont 24hr MTB, The North Face 100km, Obstacle Enduro, GeoQuest, Townsville Triathlon


Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast Sydney, Nov 2013, 2nd women’s elite

Southern Cross Spartans team representative, Vermont Spartan World Championship Beast, Sept 2013, 21st women’s elite

Triathlon Australia, selected for the Age Group World Championship series, Sept 2013.

Spartan Race Sydney, March 2013 – FIRST SPARTAN RACE IN AUSTRALIA, 3rd women’s elite

2012 & prior

PowerLifting Australia, under 63kg category – Toronto Barbell, 1st female

CrossFit regionals team: Team CFX

The Long Quest for Answers –  encourage, educate and motivate