Looking for more in 2017? Start small, think big making positive behaviours habit

It’s here 2017! Happy New Year. Now let’s get to it.

The holidays – they come and go ever so quickly. We spend weeks and months purchasing, packaging and partying and rightly so. I had been starting to ponder over Christmas festivities, holiday bulking and how to go about nutrition around this time of year, but then it dawned on me: even thinking about what foods to pick and choose at Christmas dinner isn’t something we want to create guilt over. It’s not limited timeframes and short sighted goals that we should concern ourselves with and these are times to enjoy; rather let’s focus on the bigger picture and I don’t just mean only looking at the year ahead. If we are to pursue real health, then the realms of exercise, good nutrition, a strong mind and supportive social network are intertwined, and on the occasion that one area is lacking, another comes into stronger focus to pick up the slack.

There’s a saying, “New year, new you.” A fresh start, a brighter outlook, new opportunities and of course, top of the list for many, “lose weight and get fit”. Let’s get straight to the point. Cut out the New Year’s resolution chatter and think of the bigger picture! There is no quick fix. There is no one who can do it for you. There is no one else that is going to make things happen this coming year but you. Only you have the power to make decisions, to stick to them and nurture a positive environment. What if I told you that once you make a decision – planning, preparedness and persistence are all part of a mental game that enable us to maintain our focus? What is it that makes you achieve success? In fitness, relationships and in life, success comes with hard work, preparation and commitment. We all know that doing merely something once won’t progress us very far.

While we make the move from Christmas purchasing, packaging and partying to New Year planning, preparedness and persistence, let’s make one thing a priority – to use your time wisely. So, OK, this sounds like your typical New Year’s resolution: exercise more, eat less. But no, this doesn’t have to mean countless hours exercising, nor does it mean counting calories and timely food preparation. Be real! Build yourself up for success by being realistic. Try to focus on self-improvement as small manageable lifestyle changes and creating an environment that allows you to succeed. Between your work, household duties, family and social life commitments and yes, I’m sure many other responsibilities (I get it!), time is precious so why overcomplicate anything else, especially something as important as health. To be able to get the most out of your goals, they obviously need to be realistic – more on this later!

It’s from learning new things that we should feel inspired; knowledge hungry, ambitious and wanting to make positive change. Setting unrealistic expectations can lead to two significant things; not being able to achieve what you set out to do and becoming frustrated by ending up worse than before. So, OK, that’s not what we want to be thinking about but with New Year ambition on our door step, it’s the time to be focused and clear with our decisions, maximising our time and getting the most out of the holiday season with family, friends and social time. So now to the nitty gritty. Time is finite, right? So why not start 2017 being inquisitive, wiser and inspired to make long-lasting changes, making small steps which become big leaps and bounds, to put in place real meaningful strategies to be healthier, fitter, stronger and to be better.

 While thinking about the year ahead, I want to remind you that change does not just happen overnight. Sorry. It’s not just New Year’s resolutions but health, happiness and fulfillment throughout life that we want to achieve. Be positive, even when those around you aren’t. Put positive behaviours into action every day. Build good habits for a healthier and happier life. You’ve made it through 2016 but don’t settle down as 2017 is upon us – a fresh start and new opportunities. More than anything, remember #lovelife; explore life’s opportunities, embrace positive change, nurture your relationships, cherish every moment and learn from life’s challenges. It’s the beginning of a new year, take small steps but think big. I wish you every success and a prosperous 2017 with the best of health and happiness.

We’re welcoming in the new year by starting small, thinking big to make positive behaviours habit.  Upcoming #lovelife blog posts and articles will explore all things health, fitness and general well-being with trigger topics including; periodisation and getting the most out of your race/ competition calendar, metabolism and nutrition, the power of thought and building mental resilience, prevention of injury and chronic inflammation, and an approach to injury management and correcting postural imbalance. For now, if you are after training and nutrition help, BodiFit’s 2017 program is now live and there is something suited to everyone wherever you are –  Group, One-to-One and Online. In this introductory week of #lovelife, posts will be published daily, as we delve into a few basic but exceptionally important key topics – Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and Community. Yes, daily this week to get us kick started! You’ll get some simple suggestions, support and hopefully inspiration so check back, keep the comments coming in using @Leahdansie facebook, instagram (yes, finally) or twitter. Any detailed queries, interests, messages or if you just want help and need to chat shoot off an email to Contact Me on the homepage.

Now let’s go make 2017 one to remember!!

ABOUT – A short intro for our first post: In the early 2000s, at the ripe age of 20 something, Leah began participating in all types of sport and fitness and it wasn’t before long that she decided to trade in corporate attire to instead pursue a career in the fitness industry. Leah having begun a professional career in fitness in 2007, has over 10 years experience in the industry and is a strong believer in continuing education with Fitness Australia.

Also a keen participant in all sports and fitness Leah’s interests are adventure races, obstacle races, trail running, strength and conditioning, powerlifting and very much anything that presents a challenge. With an aspiration and desire to explore and seek new adventures, Leah has competed in the North Face 100km, various triathlons having been selected for Age Group World Champs, the Spartan Race World Championships, multi-day long adventure races as well CrossFit and powerlifting competitions. A highlight of her own participation in sport was being selected to be the female star of ESPN’s hit TV show Search4Hurt which aired throughout 2013-2014 with popular episodes The North Face 100km and True Grit 24 Hour Obstacle Enduro. Leah decided to take a break to return to study at the completion of the show and is now keen to share a similar experience using BodiFit as the driving force to encourage, educate and motivate people from all walks of life to get involved in fitness to make a positive difference in their lives.

Leah’s qualifications include Spartan SGX Coach (2016), Certificate of Optimal Sports Nutrition (2015), Triathlon Australia Level 1 Coach (2013), Bootcamp and Outdoor Fitness Coach (2013), CrossFit Level One and CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor/Trainer (2012), Australian Kettlebell Instructor: Level 1 and 2 (2009), Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level One Coach (2009), Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer (2008) and Certificate III in Fitness – Group Exercise Instructor/ Aqua Instructor (2009). More recently, in 2017 Leah will graduate from her studies in Human Anatomy and Cell Pathology as part of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences at The University of Sydney. A lifetime prior to all of this, Leah completed the Bachelor of Commerce/ Arts, studying Marketing and Languages – all of which provided great experience in foreign travel, working with diverse groups of people and understanding what makes people tick.


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