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It starts with a vision and SMART end goal in mind but the human body can achieve so much.


We are what we eat. It’s all about really knowing what is and isn’t good for us.


A journey together to a healthier You.

Life lessons and experiences, a love of travel and a willingness to give things a go! I want to share it all. This is my way to make a difference in our community – building a healthier body and mind to #lovelife.

My goal #lovelife; encourage, educate and motivate others to go back to the basics, eat real food, exercise and make good health a daily habit. I want to be able to help YOU take the steps towards better health; be it exercising more, eating nourishing foods, getting involved in a new activity or finding YOUR best way to experience and enjoy life. I have over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and registration with Fitness Australia; helping hundreds of people achieve their goals while also competing in endurance sports including adventure racing, ultramarathons, strength competitions and obstacle races. We have no bells and whistles. Just hard work, dedication and the pursuit of excellence in whatever you do. It’s the things you are passionate about, what makes you happy and what makes a positive difference that I want to dedicate time and energy towards. Fitness, nutrition, mindset and community are at the heart of this goal!

This page is purely a knowledge platform and is open for all to view, consider and critique interesting and intriguing topics in health and fitness. It is not medical advice, nor is it gospel and I welcome an open discussion. If a topic is of interest to you, open up that next browser tab and have a deeper look!  All articles are my own view with the endeavour of integrating evidence-based scientific research in the form of journal articles as cited. If you want to make a change for the better and have questions on health, fitness and general well-being, please Contact Me via the form below and I will do my best to examine the evidence and comment.

If you are after training and nutrition help and advice, head to our sister site BodiFit where you will find something suited to everyone wherever you are –  BodiFit Group, One-to-One and Online. Yours in the best of health!


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