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Past experiences, life lessons, a love of travel and a willingness to give things a go! By focusing on lifestyle factors and health promotion, there’s a way to make a difference in our community, that will help make a better tomorrow and healthier future. I’ve had this ever growing passion to encourage everyday people to make a change in their lives by taking small steps towards better health; be it exercising more and eating better, getting involved in a new activity or finding a new way to experience and enjoy life. Healthy – what is that meant to mean? Well, yes it obviously means different things to different people but having a nutritionally balanced diet, doing some exercise and following a healthy lifestyle based on moderation is a good start! Why are these things important? Put simply, it’s the small things that make a difference. Simple lifestyle choices flow on to how you feel which impacts on your mood, your confidence and your overall happiness in and with life. I not only want to put individuals on this path, but whole communities which could benefit from easy to follow, commonsense lifestyle changes. With BodiFit as my vision and driving force, I plan to encourage, educate and motivate others to incorporate these principles into their everyday lives. I’ve studied Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness, along with a multitude of sports and nutrition courses, culminating in a Bachelor of Medical Sciences. It is the things that you are passionate about, the things you enjoy and the things that make a positive difference that are worth dedicating your time and energy towards. I see sport, nutrition, community and education as the key to this end goal!If you really want to make a change for the better, get in touch via the contact form below. Yours in the best possible health! Leah Richardson


  • January 9, 2015


    It starts with a vision and SMART end goal in mind but the human body can achieve so much.
  • January 9, 2015


    We are what we eat. It’s all about really knowing what is and isn’t good for us.
  • January 9, 2015


    A journey together to a healthier You.

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New South Wales , Australia
Phone: 0408892330